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    With the world population slightly above 8 billion, it is estimated that there are almost 30 billion toothbrushes worldwide. In 2022, the global toothbrush market was valued near $7 Billion, with projected growth expected to exceed $9.6 Billion by 2030. with projected growth expected to exceed $9.6 Billion by 2030. Over 131 million Americans used power toothbrushes in 2020 and this figure is projected to increase more than 6% to 138 million by 2024. A study by the independent Cochrane Collaboration gave power toothbrushes a slight edge at cleaning away plaque and gingivitis. With power brushes, there was an 11% reduction in plaque and 6% reduction in gingivitis. Research has also shown that electric toothbrushes are more popular among older age groups, and also people with higher income. The Mentel Firm report shows that half of consumers 55+, with an annual income of $75K or more, prefer using an electric toothbrush over manual options. The average cost of an electric toothbrush – which includes a charging station and multiple brush heads – can cost anywhere between $20 – $279 or more. 2022 US SALES OF TOP COMPANIES OPERATING IN THE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH INDUSTRY: Church and Dwight Co.* – $5.67Billion Colgate-Palmolive Company...

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    When it comes to Marketing, it appears almost all brands seen on TV “is the one dentist recommends the most.” But among all of the grand-standing, there are brands that stand out among its peers. Rising to the top of that list are: Colgate® and Oral-B®. Given the immense size of these corporate giants, it is no surprise that their products garner the largest share of market. But being bigger doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t room for improvement. Industry disruptors have been forging new-product demand for decades. Remember when Uber disrupted transportation? Or when Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry? Or, even more recently, we see how AI is changing the landscape of almost every industry imaginable. So, while the competition may be viewed as giants, they are not impenetrable. Let’s look at these 2 companies a little more in depth. Colgate is one of the most significant manufactures and distributors – not only In the U.S., but globally. Oral-B is a strong second, only slightly behind Colgate. Both combined, along with smaller competition in this space, produce an astounding net sales worldwide that exceed $17 Billion. In 2022 alone, more than 50% ($9.5 Billion) of those sales could be attributed...

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    To use our system, simply brush like you normally would. Once done brushing, grab a C-shape floss head and when complete, eject it from its apparatus for the next new floss head to appear. After fully rinsing, place your U-shape toothbrush head, your tongue-cheek-gum cleaner, along with your floss head device in the UV light box, and be on your way. The unit will do the job of sanitizing your oral care products, ensuring your next encounter is worry-free. NOTE: Oral care product has completed the stages of R&D.

Auto Training Products

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    Potty training is a game-changing moment for both parents and children. Most children begin to show signs of being ready between 18 – 36 months old, though it is not uncommon for some children to move into this stage much later. Typical Potty Options: Standalone, toddler-size potty chair with a bowl that can be emptied in the toilet Toddler-size seat that can be placed on top of a toilet seat, allowing your child to feel secure and avoid the fear of falling in Our Interactive Baby Training Potty addresses both of these preferences and are designed with sensors to aide in dramatically reducing the training process. The state-of-the-art foam seat cushion detects when the user sits down, when they urinate or have a bowel movement. Before use, our innovative device introduces a child to a audible potty that sings a repetitive, gentle jingle that sing's "Mommy I am a big boy now I can Pee Pee in my Potty Mommy I am a big boy now I can Doo Doo in my potty" can cause the child to relax and not tense up or become upset during the “going” process. The sensors are able to identify biological body functions and alert the parents or caregiver by smart phone app. The parents or caregiver can then assure the child that they did a fantastic job in their potty with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Whether the preference is the independent stand-alone unit for infant or toddlers, or our alternate design that fits a standard toilet, this revolutionary product will meet the most basic needs at any age. NOTE: The Interactive Sensory Potty products are in early- to mid-stage of development and for broad-market adoption domestically and globally, a less expensive unit is also available.

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